Sports Premium Funding

At Kents Hill School and Nursery, we understand and value the importance of PE and strive to provide a balanced curriculum that allows children to develop their physical skills and maintain a healthy active lifestyle across all year groups. We hope that through providing children with the physical skills and knowledge needed to participate in sports,  they develop an enjoyment of being active and a lifelong desire to stay active beyond school.

As well as leading weekly indoor and outdoor PE lessons, we offer the children additional opportunities to participate in sports in our enriched curriculum, which has been provided through the sports premium funding.

For the year 2021-2022, this included having an outside specialist coach coming into school and working with pupils in lessons, providing coaching in sports such as football, multi-skills and tennis. The Sports Premium Funding has also provided opportunities for teaching staff to receive training to develop knowledge and confidence in teaching early sports skills. We have been able to purchase many new pieces of equipment, such as bicycles, play tunnels, obstacle courses, tennis racquets, basketball sets and rugby equipment to ensure that teachers can provide the best PE lessons possible for their class and children can participate in activities with robust and appropriate equipment.

Please read the information below which gives further details of our PE and sport premium funding and how it has been allocated.

Sports Premium Funding 2021 – 2022