Cool Milk Scheme

Did you know our school has a school milk scheme? It’s called Cool Milk!


By registering your child for the Cool Milk scheme, they will receive a 189ml (third of a pint) carton of semi-skimmed milk every day.

This is delivered fresh and chilled to their classroom every day.

Why Should I Register My Child For The Scheme?

Milk is excellent as a mid-morning drink. It provides a nutritional boost and keeps children hydrated between breakfast and lunch, helping them to concentrate and learn.

Why is Semi-Skimmed Milk Offered Rather Than Whole Milk?

  • It provides children with the same nutrients as whole milk
  • It is a good source of energy
  • It has 55% less saturated fat than whole milk
  • It even contains slightly more calcium than whole milk

How Much Does It Cost?

Thanks to government subsidies, school milk is free for all under-fives and is subsided at around £16 a term for children aged five or older.

How Do I Register My Child?

If your child is under five-

  1. Go to
  2. Just register by a Tuesday for your child’s free milk to start the following week.
  3. Free milk will continue until the Friday before your child’s fifth birthday. You will receive a payment request around four weeks before their birthday – if you wish for your child to continue to receive school milk, simply make a payment.

If your child is over five-

  1. Go to
  2. Pay Cool Milk online, over the phone or at a local PayPoint in half-termly, termly or annual instalments to suit you.  If registering online you can pay straight away, if using a registration form you will need to wait to receive a payment request.
  3. Just pay by 5pm on a Tuesday for your child’s milk to start the following week.

How Do I Find Out More?

For any questions or queries, please visit the FAQ page of the Cool Milk website – or visit You can also contact Cool Milk directly on 0800 321 3248.