Vision & Values

 Our Vision

  • At Kents Hill School all children, staff and governors take pride in our school. We have the highest expectations for our children and work together to enable each of them to achieve the very best they can. We celebrate all our successes.
  • A Kents Hill School, children will receive an enriched and enhanced curriculum that is dedicated to broadening their life experiences and equipping them with progressive knowledge and skills, becoming an effective life-long learner with high aspirations and ambition.
  • We set high standards for both attainment and progress in all areas of learning. We extend this to our children’s attitudes and behaviour. Role models amongst both staff and pupils are encouraged.
  • Our learning environment aspires to constantly provide inclusivity, affirmation and respect so that children can thrive and achieve. We will provide individualised learning support in order to achieve this.
  • At Kents Hill School, the richness and diversity of our world is appreciated, celebrated and valued.
  • Our parents and children join us as a learning family. We are committed to promoting, nurturing and maintaining effective partnerships with parents and our wider community.

Our Values

Kents Hill School and Nursery thrives within a values-based approach because we believe in developing a set of skills and attitudes that prepare our children for the modern day world. These values are reflected in our school vision and mission statement. Our children are guided by a set of school values that were chosen for their importance throughout their school journey and as a lifelong attribute. These five values represent what the whole school community believe to be central to the education of our children:











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