Reception Curriculum Overview

In reception, we provide a broad, balanced and rich education that encourages children to be independent learners. We teach the children how to learn through ‘Lenny Lion’s Learning Zoo’. Each animal in the zoo has a different way of learning and Lenny the Lion encourages all of the animals to learn through exploring, choosing different things, being creative, having a ‘Go for it!’ attitude, persevering, concentrating, making links and using what they already know. 

Lenny Lion’s Learning Zoo

  • Go For It Gorilla – I will have a go
  • Persevering Parrot – I keep trying.
  • Slinky Linky Snake – I can make links.
  • Proud Peacock – I am proud of what I do.
  • Creative Chameleon – I have my own ideas.
  • Exploring Elephant – I am an explorer.
  • Concentrating Crocodile – I join in and concentrate. 
  • I Know Rhino – I play with what I know.
  • Choosing Chimp – I choose ways to do things.

The learning environment is set up to develop children’s skills and support progress in all of the main areas of learning. 

All of the learning in Reception will link to children’s interests, books and events happening throughout the year. We will also explore animals, seasons, celebrations, places, families, friendships and environments. 

Creativity runs through the whole curriculum, offering opportunities for children to make choices, think through solutions to problems and find unique ways of expressing their ideas. This may be through talking, drawing, painting, making models, making music, singing, dancing and moving, enabling them to become confident and independent learners.

Children will be learning phonics (sounds) to support their reading and writing in short interactive daily sessions. At Kents Hill School, we use Read, Write, Inc. to teach phonics and start in autumn term exploring and playing with sounds.